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Not patriotism, severe depression.  He had a very tragic life, had been what we 
would call today an abused child, beaten by his father, plus he watched his 
mother die an agonizing death.  Lincoln was very conflicted over causing so 
many casualties in fighting the Civil War.  There was a strong sentiment in the 
country to let the South go.  He opposed that sentiment and fought to keep the 
Union together.  It was really not that popular a war.  Basically, Lincoln 
couldn't wait to die.  He kept a folder in his desk with assassination threats. 
 I don't remember (if I ever knew) if he was aware of the plot that killed him, 
but the night he was assassinated in Ford's Theatre Lincoln had dismissed the 
one guard that was assigned to him.  

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>>He [Lincoln] also allowed himself to be assassinated....<<

How patriotic of him.  Now if we could only convince Bush.

Mike Geary

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