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  • From: Judy Evans <judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 19:39:29 +0100

Hello Marlena

There's a blatant Kerry office in Miami now, and the younger
generation of Florida Cubans are changing their views and allegiances:
of particular concern to some is Bush's deciding they can only go to
see relatives in Cuba once every three years.

I had no idea there was any restriction at all!  (I knew Ry Cooder got
into trouble for working with Cuba musicians -- under the Trading With
the Enemy Act -- and that they cannot enter the US.) It's all a bit
like the good old Soviet Union...

Tuesday, October 5, 2004, 7:11:08 AM, Eternitytime1@xxxxxxx wrote:

Eac> Hi,
Eac> Okay, this is another one of those times when Bush's well-paid political
Eac> handlers get to earn their money, right? <g>
Eac> They sit in their little room and smack themselves on the forehead every
Eac> time he or one of his buds make statements like this...and then they 
figure out
Eac> a way to 'spin' it.  (and often do a fairly good job...as spinning  goes.)
Eac> We like to sit around and do a dramatic smack to the forehead as we imagine
Eac> that they must be doing every time we read/hear something like this.
Eac> Or, we say 'I'm feeling just like Bush's handlers!' when we have said/done
Eac> something silly...
Eac> We did our phone calling for the Kerry-Edwards campaign yesterday.   Then
Eac> found out they have opened an Independence Office (would be closer and no  
Eac> barrier to cross <g>)  
Eac> I even drove to Kansas to pick up some signs (they were out of them
Eac> again--the bad is that someone is driving around Prairie Village KS now 
just  like in
Eac> my suburb (Lees Summit) and slashing them...<sigh>
Eac> So we have a Kerry-Edwards sign in the yard...looking right across to my
Eac> neighbors Bush-Cheney sign.  We're hoping they still maintain the good
Eac> relationship with us--but they did put their sign up first even while 
knowing  how *I*
Eac> feel...<wry look>  I have 9 more signs in my car--two are  called for and
Eac> another two most probably.  So, do the  math...<g>...how many more to find 
Eac> for?  The structured part  of me gets cranky when I deal with situations
Eac> which seem practical and yet are  not done.  While we were calling, if we 
got a
Eac> person who was very obviously  for Kerry, we were to ask if he/she would be
Eac> interested in volunteering.   If the person said 'no', I ended up having 
him ask
Eac> if they wanted a sign.   (since I was getting a bunch and these were all 
Eac> in Eastern Jackson County  who would be even less likely than I was to 
Eac> to go get some--which might  explain the dearth of Kerry-Edwards signs in 
Eac> area...  [in fact we got  very positive responses for that...]  When I
Eac> mentioned that it might be  another option for people to be asked, I got a 
kind of
Eac> pat on the head...both  from the hq part where we were as well as on the 
Eac> today to 'an intern' at  the Independence location--who also added that 
Eac> they run out of them, they  didn't like to ask that.  Well, I said, you 
Eac> get a list of people who  would like them and then when you get a shipment 
Eac> they could be told ... and  I would even deliver them out to their area...
Eac> Oh, well.  *I* thought  it was a good idea...[and still do...several of the
Eac> people Ben talked to on the  phone said they had wondered how to get a 
sign to
Eac> show they were going to vote  for Kerry as they kept, like me, seeing the 
Eac> signs everywhere...  Kind  of curious why people do what they do.  Like the
Eac> signs for the Missouri  governor--they all mention her first name 
Eac> yet, the Republican  candidate's sign only says his last name...which is 
Eac> same as his  grandfather--who was governor a long time ago. Was talking 
Eac> this to  someone else who mentioned that the problem with using the first 
Eac> is that  people see the last names first on the ballots ... so if they are
Eac> unfamiliar  with Claire's last name, they might not pay attention [given 
Eac> people are the  way they are <wry look>] and end up voting the one which 
has the
Eac> most name  recognition [the main point with signs as I see it, anyway...]
Eac> Ben wore his new Kerry-Edwards t-shirt to school today and plans on wearing
Eac> his Kids for Kerry button tomorrow (can you tell I like to shop--even for
Eac> political stuff...<g>).  We live surrounded by Bush-Cheney  people.  Poor 
Eac> However, it fit in well with his new social  studies unit as they are now
Eac> studying Democracy and Voting--and he does not seem  to mind the fussing 
Eac> occurs to his viewpoint.  They do "Kids  Voting" at his school, in this 
Eac> district.  He had to figure out how  to defend his point of view at scouts 
Eac> as the topic came up when we were  going to visit the assistant scoutmaster
Eac> and his son with a couple of other of  new scouts to get their gear looked 
Eac> in order to go on this big  backpacking/hiking trip they are taking this
Eac> weekend.  (We mentioned we  wanted to get back in time to watch the vp
Eac> debate...<sigh>)  The big  phrase around here is still the 'flip-flop' 
buzz word (which
Eac> at least Ben is  able to point out to others who keep mentioning the term).
Eac> His one stumper  was when the fellow told him that it was not Bush who had
Eac> started outsourcing  jobs but Clinton with NAFTA.  Ben didn't know what to 
say at
Eac> that  point...was honest about it and said that all he knew was that he
Eac> believed Kerry  would figure out a way to bring jobs back to the 
US...somehow.  We
Eac> agreed  for no politics tomorrow--though we will still try to get back in 
Eac> Speaking of hiking and backpacking.  Who are some of your favorite  authors
Eac> and poets who speak of such things?
Eac> Wishing all a good night,
Eac> Marlena in Missouri
 --  Judy Evans, Cardiff, UK    mailto:judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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