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>Re Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz: ...Both have long been associated with the 
Neocon/PNAC group that includes Cheney, Perle, etc.

Both embody the messianic belief that if tyrants are deposed and free market 
principles introduced all will be well.


I remember the great question marks in the early days of the Bush 
administration as to "who is making foreign policy" and "who are the 
neocons"?These are the people; this is the ideology. There was no mystery; 
only history. Cheney was Bush's self appointed enforcer; Wolfowitz the 
ideologue, Rumsfeld the muscle. Condoleeza Rice's ties to Rumsfeld have been 
well documented, she is a part of inner circle. The odd man out, the one who 
was not a neocon was Powell and he has been marginalized.

The foreign agenda is clear; less clear has been the attendant economic policy 
aimed at bankrupting government spending and juicing up the budget deficit in 
the hope (what other aim could there have been?) of rolling back the welfare 
state. Paul Krugman of the Times, and many others have explained this. Watch 
out for the long term unraveling on that front.

Seymour Hersh's articles in the New Yorker have documented the obstinate 
insularity  and resolve of the neo cons in the face of critics and obvious 
failure in Iraq.  This was the quiet "neocon revolution"--and the great 
majority of people (indeed, in a sense not even Bush himself) had any idea it 
was happening. But happen it did.

Alex Trifan

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