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Should Rumsfeld go? 
I actually like Rumsfeld very much, independent of his politics or maybe in 
spite of his politics.
Rumsfeld is the only Secretary of Defense to have truly challenged the 
fat-cat Pentagon weapons industry crowd. For example, weapons corporations and 
lobbyists were trying to ram this mobile howitzer weapon (think it was named, 
unfortunately, The Crusader) into the budget, and Rumsfeld killed it. Because 
only Defense Secretary, the lobbyists succeeded in getting it reintroduced 
into legislation, trying to maneuver past Rumsfeld, but Rumsfeld managed to 
it again.

Many Weapons Suppliers and Pentagon Old Buddies truly hate Rumsfeld. He has 
disrupted their feeding trough, and they will do what they can to get him out, 
see him replaced by some industry rubber stamp secretary.

I admire that. His willingness to face down the big money goes a long way, 
and any nonpolitical arguments to give him the bum's rush out of the Bush 
cabinet must deal with all the contributions Rumsfeld has made to DOD.

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