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Rumsfeld the muscle.
What is muscle? That Donald's muscle is gettin' kinda elderly there. If Rummy 
is "the muscle of the neocons," then Karl Rove is the unwanted back hair of 
the neocons, Trent Lott is their annoying hernia, and Richard Perle is their 
spray-dyed execu-hair. 

Re Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz: .... Both embody the messianic belief that if 
tyrants are deposed and free market principles introduced all will be well.

But all will be well . . . after a couple centuries of turmoil preceding the 
rise of strong international unions, the universalizing of protections for 
workers, and the achievement of truly equal access to education. 

Until then, it's just Mesopotamian sky gods all the way down.

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