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Judy / Mike

I was, indeed, being facetious, as is perhaps too often my wont. 
Feminism, like all other -isms posesses refreshing fonts of serene
wisdom, from Mary W, through Simone dB, to Bell/Gloria H/W, and Linda K. 
Each -ism, once practically employed results in undoubted advancement of
the human condition.  Each -ism, once practically employed results in the
shifting of oppression from one sub-class to another.

A draught of this sacred water is stored in crystalline vials enshrined
in shadow.  Those who first drink from the wisdom often secretly piss
into the vessel to replenish the store and continue to serve it to their
devotees, ignoring the essence of the message, wilfully substituting
their own vulgar prejudice for the relative purity of the original
message.  I am, most emphatically not speaking of Rukeyser in this case.

The result of this tainted swig ensures, nominally, that women may pursue
equality within a dysfunctional system, yet the system still rests in
dysfunction.  Women should, of course, be free to pursue this
dysfunction, but each of us must realise that genuine personal liberty
arises only from a self-actualisation that surmounts and surpasses every
-ism.  The horrific results of the second-wave are the most imperfect of
feminism's best ideals.

The cry was, "Equality For (wealthy, educated, white, able-bodied)
Women!"  Thank every false deity for Bell Hooks.  Furthermore, men as a
whole were recreated, reincarnated as demons.  Dad became a dirty,
deadbeat word.  Children remain raped of the right to pursue a 
relationship with an alternate parent.  Clearly women are equally as
valuable as men.  They are also equally as immature, selfish, and
destructive as men.  Equal rights -- equal responsibility.

Rukeyser, in order to communicate her intent, was forced to play the
game.  By appeasing the ignorant activists of the masses, she struggled
to maintain her ideals.  She was forced to sacrifice much of what might
have been accomplished in order to achieve what could be realised.

hoping the third-wave can convince the masses to strive for genuine,
respectful appreciation of the thinking individual,

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  > >In this case, Rukeyser is far too busy playing the game of early
  20th C.
  >> Feminism, which is as misguided as any other wonderfully
  >> approach to systematic thought

  > Care to clarify?

  Thank you, Judy. I'm not familiar at all with Muriel Rukeyser's
  poetry, but I've known of and long had a saintly vision of her as a
  spit-in-the-face-of-sexist-fascism liberal activist, somewhat along
  the lines of St. Dorothy Day. So I was surprised to see feminism
  equated with totalitarianism by David, but I thought I'd wait a
  while, read more of his posts to see if he was being sardonic or
  what -- perhaps we just don't know how to read him yet. But I
  think now that your approach is the better one: clarification,

  Mike Geary
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