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Stay away from, almost, any combination of 'famous' and 'poet',
paticularly if this adjective / noun combination occurs within a website
that promotes 3D screensavers.  Discover your personal experience of
poetry from those whom you respect, not from those striving to craft such
sentimental nonsense.  Poetry, while inherently a work of fictition, must
retain some respect for facts (some, not totalitarian), especially if
purporting representaion of scientific (ie. biological) processes.

In this case, Rukeyser is far too busy playing the game of early 20th C.
Feminism, which is as misguided as any other wonderfully totalitarian
approach to systematic thought.  A poem cam be true without being factual
and factual without being true.  Remember, famous poems include 'Jack &
Jill' and 'One Fine Day in The Middle of The Night'.  Fun, but ultimately
worthless.  Many of us can craft such shite in one hour, okay, perhaps
two if we have a sense of shame.

immersed within a sense of shame,

  Irene wrote:

  Here we go again.  I better stick to politics and while I'm at it
  stay away from movie reviews on climate change.  I'm thinking of
  Muriel Rukeyser, not Muriel Spark.  My inner paramecium can't tell
  one Muriel apart from another.  Quite a while ago I read Muriel
  *Rukeyser's* poem Conjugation of the Paramecium and I thought it was
  so silly and so dumb that I became forever tainted by a prejudice
  against all Muriels.  When doing the quotes last night I saw the name
  Muriel, grabbed my broad brush and painted over all her words knowing
  only that Muriel said them.  In the light of day, Muriel Spark's
  words are actually quite apt.  But here is Muriel Rukeyser's poem. 
  Is it me, or is this a really funny poem?  Is it even a poem?  What
  am I missing?


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