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>God is the IS of  isness as He Himself says of Himself and He is much too 
busy ising Himself into  being  

I like the sound of ising>
Perhaps we're on the verge of a major philosophical breakthrough - "The Is 

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Words of  inherent meaning,  

For the record, the contents to Rorty's Linguistic Turn. What a book! Full  
of inherent meanings and some exherent, too!

RORTY, ed. The Linguistic Turn. 

Richard M. Rorty,
"Metaphysical Difficulties of Linguistic Philosophy"
Part I:
Classic Statements of the Thesis That Philosophical Questions Are Questions 
 of Language 

Essay 1. Moritz Schlick,
"The Future of Philosophy:
Essay 2. Rudolf Carnap 
"On the Character of Philosophical Problems"

Essay 3. Gustav Bergmann,
"Logical Positivism, Language, and the Reconstruction of Metaphysics (in  

Essay 4. 
Rudolf Carnap,
"Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology"
Essay 5. Gilbert Ryle,
"Systematically Misleading Expressions"
Essay 6. John Wisdom,
"Philosophical Perplexity"

Essay 7. Norman Malcolm,
"Moore and Ordinary Language"
Part II
"Metaphilosophical Problems of Ideal-Language Philosophy"

Essay 8a. Irving Copi 
"Language Analysis and Metaphysical Inquiry"

Essay 8b. 
Gustav Bergmann,
"Two Criteria for an Ideal Language"
Essay 8c. Irving Copi,
"Reply to Bergmann"
Essay 9. Max Black,
"Russell's Philosophy of Language (in part)"

Essay 10a. Alice Ambrose,
"Linguistic Approaches to Philosophical Problems"

Essay 10b. Roderick Chisholm
"Comments on the "Proposal Theory" of Philosophy"

Essay 11. James W. Cornman,
"Language and Ontology"

Essay 12. Willard v. O. Quine,
"Semantic Ascent" (from Word and Object) 
Part III - 
Metaphilosophical Problems of Ordinary-Language Philosophy

Essay 13. Roderick Chisholm 
"Philosophers and Ordinary Language"

Essay 14. John Passmore 
"Arguments to Meaninglessness: Excluded Opposites and Paradigm Cases" (from 
 Philosophical Reasoning) 
Essay 15a. Grover Maxwell and Herbert Feigl 
"Why Ordinary Language Needs Reforming" 

Essay 15b. Manley Thompson,

"When Is Ordinary Language Reformed?"

Essay 16a. R. M. Hare,
"Philosophical Discoveries"
Essay 16b. Paul Henle,
"Do We Discover Our Uses of Words?"

Essay 17. Peter Geach 

Essay 18. James W. Cornman 
"Uses of Language and Philosophical Problems"

Essay 19. J. O. Urmson 
"J. L. Austin"

Essay 20a. Stuart Hampshire 
"J. L. Austin"

Essay 20b. J. O. Urmson and G. Warnock 
"J. L. Austin"

Essay 20c. Stanley Cavell,
"Austin at Criticism"

Essay 21. Stuart Hampshire 
"The Interpretation of Language; Words and Concepts" 
Part IV - 
Recapitulations, Reconsiderations, and Future Prospects

Essay 22. Dudley Shapere 
"Philosophy and the Analysis of Language"

Essay 23. Stuart Hampshire 
"Are All Philosophical Questions Questions of Language?"
Essay 24a. J. O. Urmson,
"The History of Analysis"

Essay 24b. Discussion of Urmson's "The History of Analysis" 
(by the participants in the 1961 Royaumont Colloquium) 

Essay 25a. P. F. Strawson,
"Analysis, Science, and Metaphysics"

Essay 25b. 
Discussion of Strawson's "Analysis, Science and Metaphysics" (by the  
participants in the 1961 Royaumont Colloquium) 

Essay 26. Max Black,
"Language and Reality"

Essay 27. Jerrold J. Katz,
"The Philosophical Relevance of Linguistic Theory"

Essay 28. Yehoshua Bar-Hillel,
"A Pre-Requisite for Rational  Philosophical Discussion"
Two Retrospective Essays by Richard M. Rorty 
"Ten Years  After"
"Twenty-five Years After"
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