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Hello  ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx,
In reference to your  comment: 

The maid of honor wears the grooms ring  on her  thumb (or 
carries it in some other safe manner) until it is  time  for  the 
blessing and exchange of rings in the  ceremony

At my Aunt's wedding I was the flower girl (I was very young) and my  little 
brother (4, maybe?) was the "ring-bearer" -- he carried the ring forward  on a 
velvet pillow affair.  What happened to ring-bearers as opposed to  bride's 
maids carrying the ring?
Julie Krueger

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> Uh, anyone know what being a maid of honour entails?  I  sure as hell 
> don't...
> Erin
>  Toronto
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Looks like  you'll be both busy!

Before  the Wedding: The maid of Honor may  plan your wedding and  take 
care of details for you. If she lives  nearby she might help  address  
invitations, plan pre-wedding  parties, make favors or table 
decorations,  and keep track of gifts  received and thank you cards 
sent. The  maid of honor usually hosts a  bridal shower. The bride can 
delegate  care  of bridesmaid's  fittings and details. She attends 
pre-wedding parties.  She attends the  rehearsal and the rehearsal 

At  the Wedding: The maid of  honor helps the bride with dressing and 
assists with  the, train, veil  and holding the brides bouquet  during  
the ceremony. The maid of  honor wears the grooms ring on her  thumb (or 
carries it in some other  safe manner) until it is time  for  the 
blessing and exchange of  rings in the ceremony. She is responsible  for 
having an emergency kit  with miscellaneous items such as  a needle  and 
thread, extra  nylons, a roll of tape etc. The maid of honor  holds on 
to a duplicate  list of desired shots for the photographer  and  
videographer as  well as a song list for ceremony musicians and  a copy 
of any  special  prayers or readings to be used during the ceremony. She  
walks  in front of the bride in the processional and with the best man  
in  the recessional  and stands near the bride at the altar. She  makes 
sure that all  of the bride's clothing, make-up and personal  belongings 
are  removed from the changing room at the ceremony site and  taken back 
to the  bride's  home. She helps to line up  bridesmaids for formal 

At  the Reception: The maid  of Honor stands  next to the groom in very 
formal receiving lines. The  maid  of honor is seated at the head table  
or table of honor.  During the reception, she mingles with guest. She  
dances with the best  man at the reception. She helps the bride  with  
her train,  fastening it to floor length so it is out of the  way for 
dancing, if  necessary. A duplicate copy of the list of  names and   
pronunciations for the bridal party announcements is kept by  the maid  
of honor. She also keeps a duplicate song list for the  reception   
musicians  or disc jockey. If the bride needs assistance in tossing her  
bouquet or in gathering single women to catch it, the maid of   honor 
can  help out. If requested, she helps the bride dress for the  honey  
moon and  makes sure the bridal gown and other personal  clothing items  
are returned to the bride's home after the reception.  She takes  the  
bridal bouquet  for preserving and may take  the gown for heir looming 
while the  bride is on her  honeymoon.

Expenses: The maid or matron of honor pays for her own dress  and other  
attire. If travel expenses are involved, she pays for   her  own dress  
and other attire. Although she may attend several  pre-wedding  parties, 
only one shower gift and one wedding gift are to  be  expected. She  may 
share the cost of bridal  shower.

Some sites say that you'll be offering a toast, which you  have written 
at least three weeks beforehand and which reflects your own  STYLE.  
This, I'd like to hear.

On the subject of quotations  see:


Pick  something really heavy from your favorite philosopher, is my 
advice.   Remind the Scots present that the Enlightenment is something 
they started  and then have at them with your favorite Germans.  Scots 
are very fond  of Germans.  Particularly their caber-tossing 
philosophers.   Flinging things is the local way of encouraging a 
speaker, but if someone  hurls a caber your way, be sure to duck.

David Ritchie,
Portland,  Oregon

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