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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 12:37:08 +0100

> I simply posted a link with information.

sorry.  I misunderstood.

> On the surface the Qld Uni film thesis idea looked distinctly unethical to
> me. I've not seen anything to disabuse me of this view

It's 'on the surface' with me too, there are some possibly crucial facts I
don't know,
 but still I am amazed the Ethics Committee
passed it.

> Notwithstanding the fact that it appears that at least one of the two
> suspended academics (ackas in the australian vernacular) was an obnoxious
> type

I got that impression from the Australian links you posted, yes.

 I still think that 6 months without pay is too high a price to pay
> for views expressed robustly and for minor treachery in publishing half
> factoids about ones employer in a national newspaper.

Here tenure contracts (the few that still exist) contain a
'bringing the university into disrepute' clause, so I could see this
or worse happening here.  I was once told formally re not even a public
offence, not to criticise the university's modular degree policy;
the Power That Be who said it also devised the first year
course on which I taught, major thinker, J S Mill, major topic,
freedom of speech... .

> This and the fact that one of the suspended tenured scholars is claimed to
> be an unreconstructed marxist

Yes, I noticed the 'issues' about that

Judy Evans, Cardiff
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