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At 11:29 PM Sunday 17/06/2007, you wrote:
Steady Eddie is a professional who chooses to do this.  What don't you
about 'student' and 'power imbalances'?  (See the Australian

I understand much about power imbalances subtle and otherwise.

I simply posted a link with information.

For the record Your Honour:

Steady Eddie was (I haven't seen him around lately) a clever poised funny comedian - not something I can say about most "young" so called comedians these days here, who was funny irrespective of any disability and sympathy factor. He also worked the disability thing well and, most importantly, sharply, to his credit.

On the surface the Qld Uni film thesis idea looked distinctly unethical to me. I've not seen anything to disabuse me of this view.

Notwithstanding the fact that it appears that at least one of the two suspended academics (ackas in the australian vernacular) was an obnoxious type who had been alleged to be a bully by staff and students for many years I still think that 6 months without pay is too high a price to pay for views expressed robustly and for minor treachery in publishing half factoids about ones employer in a national newspaper. [ The Australian newspaper these days is fondly known as The Australian Government Gazette]. This and the fact that one of the suspended tenured scholars is claimed to be an unreconstructed marxist has seemed to have caused much "mixed emotions" from other brothers and sisters of the academy.

Francis Xavier Holden

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