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Steady Eddie is a professional who chooses to do this.  What don't you
about 'student' and 'power imbalances'?  (See the Australian

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> >I'd add that were the disabilities physical and were 'full informed
> >obtained I'd still be uneasy about sending in a student with fairly
> >cerebral palsy (but who could walk, albeit very unsteadily) to run the
> >of jibes about drink and drugs, video the results, show it to others.
> >And I'd worry about power imbalances affecting
> >the consent (see the Australian rules).
> Funny you should mention that:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steady_Eddie
> Steady Eddy is the stage name of Christopher Widdows, an Australian
> comedian and actor with Cerebral palsy. Widdows uses his disability as a
> basis for his comedy.
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