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I'd add that were the disabilities physical and were 'full informed consent'
obtained I'd still be uneasy about sending in a student with fairly severe
cerebral palsy (but who could walk, albeit very unsteadily) to run the gamut
of jibes about drink and drugs, video the results, show it to others.
And I'd worry about power imbalances affecting
the consent (see the Australian rules).

Funny you should mention that:

Steady Eddy is the stage name of Christopher Widdows, an Australian comedian and actor with Cerebral palsy. Widdows uses his disability as a basis for his comedy. He performs mainly in pubs or hotels. In 1994, he appeared at the Just for Laughs comedy festival, which was broadcast nationally in Canada on the Comedy Network and in the United Kingdom on the BBC.[1]

And a  fillum:


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