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I am not, Veronica, seeking to minimise what Thornton did, to drum up sympathy 
for him, or anything remotely like that (he may deserve some sympathy, it is 
impossible to tell).  I am trying to rebut Lawrence's view that Thornton is 
some kind of Jihadist, that his crime is an example of Islam's being a religion 
of hate, that it helps prove that, etc. I quote from the posts by Lawrence he 
linked to in posts here:

"One report says the man who shot and killed 8 fellow workers and himself in a 
beer distribution plant was named Omar Thornton aka Thornton Omar Sharriff. 
Another case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome as in the Fort Hood massacre?" That's 
interesting I hadn't heard about the "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" before, but it 
shouldn't be surprising. Islamism encourages the killing of infidels so it 
isn't stretching the imagination too far to imagine Thornton, or Sharriff 
killing two birds with one stone. He could kill some of the coworkers and 
bosses who pissed him off and get Allah to bless his actions because those guys 
were infidels. Time to rush off and get those virgins."


--- Now as to Omar Thornton and his rampage that killed nine people. Many, like 
the military at Fort Hood don't want to use the "I" word. They don't want to 
associate Omar Thornton with Islam even though he converted to Islam and some 
documents show that he changed his last name to Sharrif. Omar's friends say he 
was reacting to racist criticism. He overheard the "N" word while he was in a 
rest room. It wasn't said directly to him but he heard it and that was enough 
to set off his sensitive soul. His company says that wasn't it. He was caught 
stealing. He was angry about being caught on tape and that is what caused him 
to get mad and kill 9 people.

And just as at Fort Hood and other places, the politically correct don't want 
to associate Omar Thornton with Islam. They don't want to hear that he might 
have been inspired to do his killing by something he heard (not overheard) at 
his Mosque."

Judy Evans, Cardiff

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> To be totally accurate, the company
> didn't just accused him, they had video tapes of his
> stealing the beer.  At least, that's the news we get
> here.  Re racism in the phone call to police officer,
> there is racism and discrimination in this country
> galore.  Against African Americans, Muslims, the
> "wrong" type of Christians, Jews, women, etc.  That is
> no excuse for killing people.  Even worse, he killed,
> before he sought other remedies open to him.  No
> sympathy for this guy here.  He was really upset that
> he got caught stealing and now was to pay the price. 
> In this economy, anyone who has a job and jeopardizes it, is
> already a little off.
> Veronica
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> "   In any case, young Muslims blowing
> things up or shooting their coworkers is "
> we don't know, Lawrence, why Omar Thornton did it. We do
> know he'd been called in for a disciplinary meeting and
> sacking was a possible outcome. We do know that his
> girlfriend and family members said he had complained of
> racism. and we have his very own words in the tape posted on
> the Hartford Courant website and reported here
> http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/06/nyregion/06shooting.html
> Judy Evans, Cardiff
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