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  • Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 17:40:02 -0700

You people are no fun:  elections, death by absence of shots, the
philosophical import of movies I've not seen...What we need here is a bit of
writing to cheer us along on a grim and grey day.  I have just the thing,
news from today's paper, written by someone who seems to have a near-perfect

The story is straightforward.  In the past few years there has been a
national trend towards buying artificial Christmas trees.  In the same
period, thinking that demand was soft only because economic times were
tough, Oregon Christmas tree farmers have increased their planting.  Thus,
they have a problem, one which they hope to solve with exports to Asia and

The article explains that Christmas tree growers (aka Holiday tree growers)
are trying to create "a buzz."  Brian Ostlund, director of the Pacific
Northwest Tree Association, is reported as saying that he sees an "upward
trend in tree planting."  "Oregon is the nation's biggest producer of
Christmas trees by a wide margin, but growers are increasingly being forced
to look overseas for growth."  Meanwhile, others are trying to "rejuvenate
the holiday tree spirit domestically."

In their wild state, of course, tree spirits are not generally susceptible
to standard rejuvenation efforts.

"Low of Highland farm said he and other growers..."

Running a close second to this fellow, however, is the author of this, "The
residency program is in it's second year and provides dynamic perspectives
to the students and community at large...They benefit from the resources of
the college and enhance a critical dialog about art making and ideas."

Looking forward to enhanced critical dialog about ideas, also dynamic
perspectives, I remain your personal aspects and communication consultant,

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon

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