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Seeing that Geary's ex-wife is a Nonnie, and that D. Ritchie finds the  
nonny-no a poetic refrain, I thought some credit to Mailer's Reichian oregon  
be given here.
Hey, that's where R. Paul lives, Oregone.

Must say that Reich coining the term seems pathetic as a physical  
"He had a small motor which was charged by an orgone accumulator."
--- Geary, do you still keep the one we used at Seattle in the attic?

[< German Orgon (?1940 in the passage translated in quot.  19421 at main 
sense; < Org- (in  Organismus ORGANISM  n.) + -on (in Hormon  HORMONE  n.)), 
ending remodelled after  HORMONE  n.]   
In the psychoanalytical theory of  Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957): a supposed 
excess sexual energy or life-force  distributed throughout the universe which 
be collected and stored for  subsequent use in the treatment of mental and 
physical illnesses. Freq.  attrib., as orgone accumulator, orgone box, orgone 
energy, orgone therapy, etc.  

1942 T. P. WOLFE tr. W.  Reich Discov.  Orgone I. ix. 341 
      This  energy, which is capable of 
      charging  non-conducting substance, I termed 
1942 T. P. WOLFE tr. W. Reich in Internat. Jrnl. Sex-econ. & Orgone Res.  
July 138/2 
Our orgone therapy experiments with  cancer patients consist in their sitting 
in an orgone accumulator. 
1942 T. P. WOLFE tr. W. Reich in Internat. Jrnl. Sex-econ. & Orgone Res.  
July 143/2 
The patient left the orgone box. 
1949  Orgone Energy Bull. Apr. 95 
Physical orgone therapy, application of  physical orgone energy concentrated 
in an orgone accumulator to increase the  natural bio-energetic defenses of 
the organism against disease. 
1952 M. MCCARTHY  Groves of Academe (1953) ii. 24  A senior girl's voice, 
plaintive, ‘Dr. Mulcahy, really, do we  have to believe in orgones?’ 
1973  A. S. NEILL Neill! Neill! Orange Peel! II. 141, I could not understand 
Reich's theory of Orgone Energy... He had  a small motor which was charged by 
an orgone accumulator. 
1995  Daily Tel. 25 Oct. 18/7 Oh yes,  there's definitely something there, 
she enthuses, and volunteers that she uses  an orgone blanket to ward off 
1999 F. WYNNE tr. M. Houellebecq  Atomised (2001) 126 There were  still 
workshops on sensual massage, and the liberation of the orgone, but  interest 
the There weastrology, Egyptian tarot, working with  , Egyptboomed.

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