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Repudiations -- and other clever portmanteaus
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Yankee  Puritan English) of 
the slavers, e.g., "We be here."
Palin noticed that a mosque cannot be 'repudiated'. Nor can it 'refuted'.  
"Refused", maybe. But to avoid a big controversy, she blended a triolet into 
 "refudiate". Note that 'p' (as in 'repudiate') and 'f' (as in 'refute', or 
 'refuse') are both Labials.
A conservative commentator put the 'blame' on Palin's advisers. She  
obviously hand-wrote the note, 'repudiate', correctly with the 'p'. If you've  
seen Palin's handwriting, the 'p' comes out as an 'f'. The reader surely read,  
'reFudiate' and twitted it like that. The blame, alas, went to Palin.
The point of her utterance is that a mosque in Ground Zero (along  with a 
gym) should be refudiated by peaceful Muslims --. A conservative  commentator 
indicated that by using a non-existent word ('refudiated'), Palin is  
impicating that there are no peaceful Muslims. 
Speranza, Bordighera

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