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SS: If this is how Bush handles a hurricane with two days notice, imagine  
how he'd handle a terrorist attack, one that gave us no  notice?

Yes...such a good point!
and after reading what Julie sent with the head of homeland  security acting 
like it would not ever have been imagined that the levees  would have 
broken...if they have no creativity to think that it might have  happened 
without a 
hurricane--yes, it is horrible to think about...
I simply cannot believe, either, that Pat Robertson's group is the second  
one listed on FEMA's web site for people to donate to...the man who advocates  
We have children in our Children's hospital and we are going to see if we  
can assist at the Ronald MacDonald House--shopped for stuff to send yesterday  
and for the one family that I know of that is heading here. 
and I just heard last night that there are a bunch of medically-in-need  
indigent from NO on the way to Wichita to get help.
As a doctor-friend mentioned, maybe this was the only way some of them  would 
ever have gotten some of the medical care that they have so desperately  
Trying, with great difficulty, to find some good [no matter how small], 
Marlena in Missouri

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