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> ... I am also very slowly ... 
> plodding through Paul Ricoeur's _Time and Narrative_ ... 
> ... Was quite surprised to learn (after reading the foreword to
> _Oneself as Another_) that he is Christian.
Steven: This means he is subscribed? 
Found a strange resonance to Wittgenstein's dictum in the way he presents his 
curiously withheld opinions.

Ricoeur, _Oneself as Another_, Introduction, page 24-25:

But I think I have presented to my readers arguments alone, which do not 
assume from the reader any commitment to reject, accept, or suspend anything 
regard to biblical faith. It will be observed that this asceticism of the 
argument, which marks I believe, all my philosophical work. leads to the type 
philosophy from which the actual mention of God is absent and in which the 
question of God, as a philosophical question, itself remains in a suspension 
could be called agnostic . . . . 

The reference of biblical faith to a culturally contingent symbolic network 
requires that this faith assume its own insecurity, which makes it a chance 
happening transformed into a destiny by means of a choice constantly renewed, 
the scrupulous respect of different choices. The dependence of the self on a 
word that strips it of its glory, all the while comforting its courage to be, 
delivers biblical faith from the temptation, which I am here calling 
cryptophilosophical, of taking over the henceforth vacant role of ultimate 

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