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> And when 
> > writ large in politics, the ideologue's corruption
> > is writ large, as on page 109:
> > 
> > "The Islamic Revolution, as it turned out, did
> more
> > damage to Islam by using 
> > it as an instrument of oppression than any alien
> > ever could have done."
> Whereas, had the Communists won out, they would have
> used the power to create a political, social,
> economic
> and cultural paradize, as they did elsewhere.
> A.A.  Maybe it's part of our war genes to know The
> Way and make sure everyone else knows it too.  It's
> also called a control problem.  The need to control
> coupled with need to rebel against control equals
> Human Condition.
> BTW, we all know that the Pentagon's reason for
> being is war.  But did anyone know they are
> currently planning war against China?  Not for
> anytime soon, mind you, just planning it.  It's
> their job.  My source is Booknotes, interview with
> Thomas Barnett, a Washington insider.  He otherwise
> struck me as having missed his calling as a
> timeshare salesman (with all due respect to
> timeshare salesmen, who are probably some of the
> best salesmen around).  I wonder if  the Chinese
> military is justifying their existence as well.  

I would think that these plans are probably on paper
only, though they can be used to justify the existence
of the Chinese military. (Taiwan, too, is very useful
for that.) But I do believe that the US invasions of
Afghanistan and Iraq have a lot to do with controlling
access to the energy resources that will be required
by China in near future. This might be of interest,
though it's not UK slang:


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