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UHM? Herr Heidegger is a pure humanist, otherwise how do you square his views on animals (they are not or have not or partake not of Dasein, etc..)

On Thu, 3 Dec 2009, Phil Enns wrote:

It is not clear whether Lawrence Helm is quoting or offering his own
opinion, but he writes:

"Less 'troubling' but more serious is Heidegger?s 'anti-humanism'.?

Personally, it is precisely Heidegger's 'anti-humanism' that makes his
thought such a welcome relief to so much of modern philosophy.  The
modern preoccupation with experience and consciousness became a
narcissistic humanism (a tautology?) that reduced the world to human
thoughts and words.  Heidegger pushed back.  Furthermore, it is this
anti-humanism that I see as complicating the simple brush stroke that
paints the whole of Heidegger's thought as Nazi propaganda.


Phil Enns
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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