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<<The  milkman says the glass is half-and-half.>> 
I appreciate your literary  device.  But this sentence reminded me that I 
used to be able to buy, at  the local grocers, really truly whole milk -- it 
been pasteurized, not  homogenized.  It came in one gallon glass bottles, and 
the cream rose to  the surface.  I miss it terribly.  It was the only milk I 
would  drink when I could get it.  My husband buys skim.  Appalling.   Pretend 
milk.  Like a glass of water with a faint tinge of white food  colouring.  
Heavy cream over frozen blueberries is heaven. 
It's 4: in the morning (my ex used to  play some hideous country song that 
started that way) and I haven't had any  coffee as I'm planning to try to pass 
out again so just don't mind me.   Carry on....... 
Julie Krueger 

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> Seriously, how do you account for the  horrendous evil in the world?

Is the glass half full or half  empty?

The milkman says the glass is half-and-half.

Maybe the  question is: how does one account for goodness in the world? The 
kindness of  
strangers? The friendship between cats and dogs to their humans. Quiet  
evenings with 
friends. Hearing a bit of a tune far away. Looking up and  seeing the stars.


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