[lit-ideas] Re: Radical Islam and Radical Americanism

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--- On Wed, 3/11/10, Julie C <juliereneb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>"Gentleman" may not be the word I would have chosen.  Here in Missouri we have 
>pickup trucks with enormous, gargantuan, bright pink testicles hanging between 
>the axles.>

It's an unusual and dangerous place for the driver to dangle them, admittedly, 
but to infer they are not therefore a 'gentleman' may be taking things too far. 
Perhaps they are using the notorious sensitivity of their gonads to 
instantaneously detect and respond to aberrations in the road surface so as to 
make the journey smoother and more palatable for lady passengers? John Wayne 
used to do the same in old movies when riding the stagecoach, so that when 
filmed from behind as he accelerated away from Commanches there were always 
flapping thingies discernible between the wagon wheels like saddle-bags 
swinging in a dust-storm. Of course, eventually, the strain showed whenever he 

"When I was in Missouri
They would not let me be
I had to leave there in a hurry
I only saw what they let me see"

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