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  • Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2004 13:21:02 -0700

>> Note that I may have the name of the movie wrong in the previous post,
> recast
>> from memory, but that the anecdote is essentially correct.
> So? I mixed up Orwell and Huxley, but only Robert Paul noticed.

We all *noticed*. But only RP had the wit to recommend
Huxley's Animal Farm ... or something ... whatever.

[A technical note: You wanted Orwell all right. You mixed up
the book titles.] 

*1984* is still a required high school book in the US, isn't
it? What do you suppose these 10th-graders think it's

I'm guessing they agreeably follow the back cover and
believe that it's about *communism*. And to bring things
full circle, the dates are such that it follows for those
same tender minds that RR, the Great Communicator, is the
Orwellian hero ... "tear down that wall"!

Remember Tom Lehrer's great celebration of California's
first Hollywood pol (Senator George Murphy)??? 

[to a honky-tonk piano ...] 

Oh, Gee, it's great! 
At last we've got a Senator 
Who can REAL-LY sing and dance ... 

all best in this best of all possible worlds, 

Stephen Straker 

Vancouver, B.C.

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