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> Regarding his aid to the Islamic terrorists, however, we are judging him
with retrospective 20/20 hindsight.  There was no way for anyone to know
what OBL was to become, while the Soviet Union at the time was our enemy.

In the 70s and 80s, the USA and the USSR had settled down into a stable
enemy partnership. Nothing was changing and that was pretty good for the
leadership of both sides (it justified the militarization of industry and
the internal repression in both the USA and the USSR.)

In order to annoy the Soviets, the USA created forces in Afghanistan that
were unpredicatable. A number of military people warned about blowback back
then. That's when I first heard the term. So yes, it was predicted by a
number of people that we were going to get into trouble. But as Bush says,

Who won in Afghanistan? That's an interesting question. The USA created the
Islamic jihad (through Pakistan) to attack the Soviets. After a number of
years, the Soviets left, Afghanistan fell, and the Taliban took over. The
USA won that round.

In chapter two, after 9.11, the USA attacked the Taliban (because they were
hosts to bin Laden, and nothing more) and installed the Northern Alliance in

Okay, who won? The USA demolished its Islamic insurgency. The Northern
Alliance is in power. They have been clients of the Russians (money,
weapons, etc.) for three decades or so. That means... the Russians are back
in power in Afghanistan.

Cut off your nose to spite your face.

Anyone notice that mullah Omar was never captured in Afghanistan? The USA
left him alone. They may well bring him back to power (that is, re-install
the Taliban) again. That'll be in chapter 3.


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