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Actually, the reason you need never worry about sending a wine back is because 
that wine will be used as the "house wine".  I agree that the $300 wine most 
likely wouldn't pass a taste test without the label.

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> >>just know that it was the best red wine I've ever had. 
>If you don't already know, trust me, there's quite a 
>difference between rotgut and fine wine and it ain't just 
>the price.
>In my twenties, I was a waiter in a fancy restaurant. One 
>Friday, a lawyer who had just won a big case arrived in a 
>limo that parked outside while he dined. After making a mess 
>with his food, he rose inebriated, knocked over his second 
>$300 bottle of dust-covered French Bordeaux wine, and 
>staggered out the door. I rescued the remaining wine. The 
>chef/owner immediately sent word that I should bring the 
>remainder of the bottle back to the kitchen. On my way to 
>the kitchen, I chugged a good bit of the wine. The only $300 
>bottle I have ever tasted.
>Was there a difference? Oh, yes, an immediate and 
>spectacular difference. Was that difference worth $300? Not 
>to me. No.
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