[lit-ideas] Re: Protect the patents!

  • From: "Phil Enns" <phil.enns@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 13:46:55 -0500

Andreas Ramos wrote:

"At some point in time? When this pandemic starts, there will not be any
time to spare."

If the treatment depends on the nature of the mutation of the virus, and the
mutation has not yet occured, isn't all this talk about Tamiflu a bit
alarmist?  Sure Roche is happy to sell the stuff now but why should they
invest alot of money into producing huge stocks of a drug that is easily
made but may not work?  If the mutation happens and if Tamiflu is effective,
they can easily produce lots of the drug.

Personally, I think all this talk of a pandemic is Chicken Little nonsense.
I remember the hysteria that hit Toronto during the SARS 'epidemic'.*
Listening to the media, one would have thought that people were dropping
like flies on the street.  I get the same sense with the current predictions
of a pandemic.


Phil Enns
Toronto, ON

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