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"Andy Amago" writes:

: For those who missed the History Channel show on the Plague in the 14th
: century (it was a good outline), one of the features of the aftermath of
: the Plague was that so many people died (50% of the population of Europe)
: that there was labor shortage.  The nobility, more of which than the common
: people did survive because they fled the cities, returned to a world where
: there was nobody left to work their fields, clean their houses and so on. 
: The Plague is now credited with breaking the back not only of the hold of
: the church (like with the Holocaust, people couldn't believe God could do
: this to them), but of the entire feudal system.  The shortage of labor
: necessitated the invention of mechanical means to replace workers, such as
: the printing press instead of scribes for example.  It's actually credited
: with bringing on the Renaissance in fact.  My point is that if (mostly
: likely when) a pandemic happens, and if it's bad enough, pharma too will
: return to a changed world.  Unlike the14th century, a contemporary plague
: has no hiding place except in underground bunkers.  It may also last 12-18
: months.  The HC also did a worst case scenario for today (worst case, which
: may or may not happen).  In a worst case scenario food shortages will be
: rampant because imports will be halted, people will not report to work to
: drive the trucks or what have you, and so on.  A world wide depression is
: expected.  That's worst case scenario.  All we can do is hope for the best.
: I hear school age children will be disproportionately targeted by this
: virus.

Isn't there a contradiction here?  After the Plague there was in
Western Europe no depression, but rather a remarkable economic 

On the other hand, China was hit worse than Europe by the Plague
and arguably its economy did not start to recover until twenty
years ago or so.

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