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  • Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 23:08:33 -0500


Today I ordered an alarm clock online.
.... I discovered there's an entire on-line store devoted to alarm clocks! They even sell "retro" alarm clocks, which is what my desires add up to apparently. I have ordered something that was last made in the nineteen fifties and is now hip. My so-so premise was wrong; jeep-less, I have crossed the Rubicon.

Too bad you didn't consult me before ordering. I would gladly have sent you the alarm clock my bother sent me 4 years ago. It's a mosque alarm clock. The alarm is the call to prayer (or azan to you cognoscenti). It comes on loud as all hell filling the entire room with chanted Arabic -- I guess it's Arabic, though its Greek to me, sitll I know it's not Greek -- no hoi, no polloi, no hippos nor potamos in it at all, just a nasalized throat-clearing kind of sound wafting like cigarette smoke and knocking you out of bed. It lasts for 12 seconds, then is quiet for 5 seconds, then comes on again for 12 seconds then off for 5 -- over and over and over again. There's no button to shut off the alarm. I can't stand the sound of it and so I always end up pulling the batteries out to stop the damn thing. I have no idea how long it'll keep repeating the call to prayer. In 4 years I've not been able to take more than 6 repetitions. It's awful, but it works. You can see the very model I have at www.mosqueclock.com -- you can even listen to the alarm. Mine sounds most like the Koran model though I have the Classic. And mine is sea-sick green, not blue. It's great for ecumenicalizing the bedroom decor, but it hasn't done much in the way of warming me to Islam.

Mike Geary

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