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  • From: "Andreas Ramos" <andreas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 17:59:46 -0800

> To paraphrase and reapply Nixon's famous exit line, you're going to have
> Bush to kick around for four more years!

Actually, no.

Have you noticed nobody seems to care anymore about the White House? Nobody 
discusses the 
issues anymore: the environment, unemployment, the deficit, the wars, the lack 
of foreign 
policy, etc. Nobody cares, because we know it's a waste of time.

Bush is putting lightweights into the cabinet: Rice, Gonzales, and others. 
Whatever. The 
cabinet positions have become so irrelevant that it doesn't matter if a nobody 
is in that 
position. The cabinet is irrelevant because Bush insists on loyalty.

As for foreign relations, the Bush White House has essentially abandoned the 
leadership role of the USA. Nobody took it away; the Bushies simply walked away 
from it. 
China and the ASEAN countries are busy at setting up a European Union structure 
for Asia; 
the USA has no part whatsoever in this. One can quite seriously say that the 
USA has no 
foreign policy whatsoever now. Even Denmark has a foreign policy. But not the 
USA. Bush's 
first reaction to the tsunami? He didn't care, and he didn't see why he should 

So, will we kick Bush around for four more years? Like, who cares? He's 
irrelevant. He made 
himself irrelevant.

Will Hillary be president afterwards? Of what? In the next few years, the 
Bushies will have 
demolished so much that the next president, if we even have a next president, 
will preside 
over very little.

Let's see what happens at the inauguration. Last time, the Bushies sent out 
tens of 
thousands of invitations, and perhaps a quarter of the seats were 
embarrassingly empty. 
Those had to be covered up, to prevent TV cameras from showing empty stands. 
Meanwhile there 
were massive demonstrations and his limosine was pelted with eggs. Bush was 
unable to walk 
down Pennsylvania Avenue.

This time, the demonstrators plan to line the path and turn their backs on Bush.


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