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  • From: Judy Evans <judithevans001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 20:19:20 +0000

Friday, December 31, 2004, 6:32:21 PM, Marlena Boggs wrote:

Eac> In the St Louis paper today (that's where I am this week), the front page 
Eac> Powell and Jeb Bush going to tour the area.

that will cheer the starving, homeless, diseased..

Eac>  ("tour" the area--what a phrase)
Eac>  It occurred to me that the two of them might be quite the pair in four 
Eac> years...

don't upset me, Marlena! :)

Eac> and what a splendid situation to set them up for garnering publicity
Eac> in our country.

Yes. Interestingly, Blair is saying almost nothing; one suggestion is
that he is, for once, given the immensity of this disaster,
showing a little humility.

Eac>  (I have minor problems with our governors heading out to deal
Eac> with overseas issues, though, as I think that the states have problems 
Eac> of their own and even though I'm sure that it is supposedly because Jeb 
Eac> has so much experience in dealing with tragedies that he is going, I would 
Eac> preferred that someone else be going...especially since I am sure that he's
Eac> going on my taxpaying dollar <wry look>

Oh yes -- he will be -- and failing to do much about hurricanes (like
putting more of the power lines underground) is not in fact a good
training for dealing with possible mass disease, with the grief of
those whose families may lie in the mass graves that had to be dug...
-- many US people were there, I believe, I hope the ones who got out
alive are listened to

Eac> But, I do think that he will run for President (unless he will take the vp
Eac> slot...but I doubt it)

That's when you emigrate!



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