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So far the United States has donated or pledged, mostly through relief 
$35 million in aid for those areas devastated by the tsunami.
The cost of Bush's inauguration is estimated at over $40 million--and rising
Wouldn't it be quite the thing if Bush would have his inauguration cut down 
(I've been reading about it--it is going to be quite something...) and have 
some of that $$ sent overseas to assist in the tragedy.

In the St Louis paper today (that's where I am this week), the front page has 
Powell and Jeb Bush going to tour the area.  ("tour" the area--what a phrase) 
 It occurred to me that the two of them might be quite the pair in four more 
years...and what a splendid situation to set them up for garnering publicity 
in our country.  (I have minor problems with our governors heading out to deal 
with overseas issues, though, as I think that the states have problems enough 
of their own and even though I'm sure that it is supposedly because Jeb Bush 
has so much experience in dealing with tragedies that he is going, I would have 
preferred that someone else be going...especially since I am sure that he's 
going on my taxpaying dollar <wry look>

But, I do think that he will run for President (unless he will take the vp 
slot...but I doubt it)

Marlena in Missouri 

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