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I tend to agree.  There certainly will be a president in four years, but I =
think the U.S. has turned a corner.  Mostly because we're nearly bankrupt. =
 We are still a major player in the world economy, certainly, but only beca=
use we consume the goods the world creates, particularly China.  Our export=
s are basically agricultural products and raw materials such as cotton and =
wood that others formulate into finished goods.  A driving force in this is=
, surprisingly, Walmart.  By putting downward pressures on prices, they for=
ce factory closures in the U.S. because we simply can't compete with Chines=
e costs of production.  The world does have a stake in keeping us afloat so=
 we can buy their goods, but we're buying mostly on personal credit.  If so=
meone had said 30 years ago that the mighty Soviet Union would collapse, th=
ey would have been thought a raving lunatic.  We won't collapse.  We'll jus=
t fade away, along with our empty treasury, as other countries become wealt=
hier.  An empty treasury and a debt ridden economic base is not pessimism. =
 It's fact.


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> To paraphrase and reapply Nixon's famous exit line, you're going to have
> Bush to kick around for four more years!

Actually, no.

Have you noticed nobody seems to care anymore about the White House? Nobody=
 discusses the=20
issues anymore: the environment, unemployment, the deficit, the wars, the l=
ack of foreign=20
policy, etc. Nobody cares, because we know it's a waste of time.

Bush is putting lightweights into the cabinet: Rice, Gonzales, and others. =
Whatever. The=20
cabinet positions have become so irrelevant that it doesn't matter if a nob=
ody is in that=20
position. The cabinet is irrelevant because Bush insists on loyalty.

As for foreign relations, the Bush White House has essentially abandoned th=
e global=20
leadership role of the USA. Nobody took it away; the Bushies simply walked =
away from it.=20
China and the ASEAN countries are busy at setting up a European Union struc=
ture for Asia;=20
the USA has no part whatsoever in this. One can quite seriously say that th=
e USA has no=20
foreign policy whatsoever now. Even Denmark has a foreign policy. But not t=
he USA. Bush's=20
first reaction to the tsunami? He didn't care, and he didn't see why he sho=
uld care.

So, will we kick Bush around for four more years? Like, who cares? He's irr=
elevant. He made=20
himself irrelevant.

Will Hillary be president afterwards? Of what? In the next few years, the B=
ushies will have=20
demolished so much that the next president, if we even have a next presiden=
t, will preside=20
over very little.

Let's see what happens at the inauguration. Last time, the Bushies sent out=
 tens of=20
thousands of invitations, and perhaps a quarter of the seats were embarrass=
ingly empty.=20
Those had to be covered up, to prevent TV cameras from showing empty stands=
. Meanwhile there=20
were massive demonstrations and his limosine was pelted with eggs. Bush was=
 unable to walk=20
down Pennsylvania Avenue.

This time, the demonstrators plan to line the path and turn their backs on =


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