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>And it _is_ in the OED.

I didn't know that! it's used here, but I thought it was still new. Even
1979 seems a bit early to me! Thank you, JL

Judy Evans

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It's called prequelling (from prequel) now, JL!
Judy Evans
Oops, thanks!
And it _is_ in the OED.

Cammer claims "[it's] a word I coined" but a 1977 quote states the thing was
coined by Tolkien to describe The Silmarion. Little lexicographical mystery,
there: maybe a Tolkien fan can provide the original quote by Tolkien (if it
exists <--- 'biscuit conditional') to provide to mailto:oed3@xxxxxxx




From the OED


Etym: f. PRE- A. 2 + SE)QUEL n.

A book, film, etc., the events portrayed in which or the concerns of which
precede those of an existing completed work.

1973 Britannica Bk. of Year 1972 732/3

Prequel, a literary work whose narrative sequentially precedes that of an
earlier work.

1977 National Observer (U.S.) 1 Jan. 1/4

Cammer..has just written a book, Freedom from Compulsion... He calls it a  
prequelâ?? to his earlier book, Up from Depression. â??â??Prequelâ?? is a
word I
coinedâ??, he explains. â??It's a sequel except it's on a subject that comes

1977 Globe & Mail (Toronto) 17 Sept. 37/5

The Silmarillion, for which Tolkien coined the term Prequel, describes not
only the creation of Middle Earth, but of the universe.

1979 Films & Filming Mar. 11

In this â??prequelâ?? Tom Berenger stars as Butch Cassidy and William Katt

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