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My 'you' as in 'as you do' was thoroughly colloquial and was not meant to 
signifiy you or anyone else except me and any other people who happen to be 
poking around the UN site.

Later you seem to remove yourselve from any historical proposition. Interesting 
isn't it that when faced with the proposition that the State of Israel was 
founded on terrorism, that topic seems strangely out of bounds. 

And when you said: 'Terrorist organizations should be exterminated, not dealt 
with diplomatically.' You didn't mean terrorist organizations that were or are 
fighting for a cause you believed in. Implicitely, it seems you are saying that 
you agree with terrorist activities, providing they are not carried out by 
Islamic militants.

Is that the case, Lawrence?


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  Who is the "you" you refer to?  This note doesn't seem to be to me, since I 
am not "poking around the UN site," and yet mine is the only name you mention.  

  As to your question about whether I would have opposed the Irgun, my comment 
pertained to Militant Islam, the subject under discussion.  I did not have the 
American Revolutionists, the Apaches, the French Resistance or the Irgun in 



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    I've been poking around the UN site (as you do), and found a page on the 
'Palestine Problem'.

    During 1947, the UN set up a Special Committee which as part of its tenure 
was dispatched to Palestine.


    During its five weeks in Palestine, the Special Committee was involved in 
more than official hearings. Almost immediately after its arrival in Jerusalem, 
the Special Committee was drawn into a case in which a death sentence to three 
members of the Irgun for terrorist activities was awaiting confirmation by the 
High Commissioner. An Irgun leader, Mr. Menachem Begin, had warned that the two 
British sergeants, kidnapped by the Irgun, would be killed as a reprisal if the 
death sentences were carried out. The Special Committee received a petition 
from the families of the condemned men, pleading that it intercede. The issue, 
presenting a dilemma to the Special Committee concerning its competence, was 
discussed in closed meetings, which resulted in the Special Committee passing a 
resolution expressing "concern as to the possible unfavourable repercussions 
that execution of the three death sentences ... might have upon the fulfilment 
of the task (of the Special Committee) ...", and forwarding the letter to the 
United Nations Secretary-General, informing the families that it would also be 
forwarded to the Mandatory Power. 33/ The British Government responded that the 
case was:

    "... still sub judice. If the sentences are confirmed by the General 
Officer Commanding, it will then be open to the High Commissioner for Palestine 
to exercise, if he thinks fit, the royal prerogative of pardon delegated to him 
by His Majesty. It is the invariable practice of His Majesty's Government not 
to interfere with the High Commissioner's discretion whether or not to exercise 
this prerogative;..." 34/

    Shortly after the Special Committee left Palestine, the three condemned men 
were executed, and the two British sergeants killed in reprisal in a wider wave 
of violence.


    "The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem:1917-1988"


    Now in a recent post, Lawrence declared that:

    Terrorist organizations should be exterminated, not dealt with 

    To use his font (and colour).

    So, Lawrence, what would yourr response have been to Irgun's demands. Would 
you have allowed them to found a state?


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