[lit-ideas] Pound's treason

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Lawrence quotes from *Wikipedia*.

*In the late 1940s, when the poet Ezra Pound was incarcerated in St.
Elizabeth’s Hospital on treason charges against the US, he corresponded
with Mullins. In their correspondence, Mullins exclaimed "THE JEWS ARE
BETRAYING US", in a letter written on Aryan League of America stationery.*

Pound was never convicted of treason. He was found to be of unsound mind,
incapable of understanding the court proceedings or of taking part in his
own defense. Immediately after the trial he was taken to St
Elizabeth's Hospital:
'insane.' He remained there for twelve years. (The Federal prosecutors
apparently did not present their case with much vigor.)

I believe the best account of what happened to Pound, after he was arrested
by the US, in Italy, and ended
up in St Elizabeth's, is an article by Robert Wernick. But of course,
that's only what I believe.


Robert Paul

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