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On Oct 6, 2006, at 6:28 PM, JimKandJulieB@xxxxxxx wrote:

Teens are by nature oppositional to everything and anything.

Oh no they're not.

(For the non-Brits on this list, the reference is to pantomime a completely normal form of theatre that involves cross-dressing and children and audiences shouting and...oh forget it).

And Eric's, "military drafts, John Wager is right in estimating about six months to field a drafted army. That's much too slow in dealing with crises. It's a 'come as you are'" made me think of "just in time management." Maybe that's what the new deal is, only keeping on hand enough soldiers to supply the needs of this day's war.

I found Robert Paul's piece particularly funny.

And then I bought another used SAAB.




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