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JL rang the bell on Friday with 24 postings in one day. Numerous complaints and he is now on a restricted diet. Four postings per day. If I remember to let him out of his box. :-)


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On Dec 4, 2007 2:28 PM, Lawrence Helm <lawrencehelm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 Mike, your touching note brought a tear; however I have it on very good
authority from a lurker that the problem was caused by the Yakuza, you know,
the problem that caused JL to be shut down, terminated in a manner of

That's odd. My sources suggest that, determined to find the missing Loeb, JL
embarked on a vision quest.  He unwisely used dope supplied by a gang of
upriver shamans, stumbled into Borges' labyrinthine library and is now so
entranced that only the ghost of Grice will be able to find and release him,
as soon as the thirty-seventh nuance of the third preposition in the
exorcism is properly decoded. Fear not, however, the thirty-fourth nuance
has already been reached. A post mortem is premature. Keep the absinthe
cold. Celebrations may soon be in order.


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Uh oh.  Only two posts from JL today.  That's not good.  I hope he hasn't
died. If so, this is his post mortem that I'm posting. JL was a good old boy as Argentines go. He is survived by his sainted mother Santa Anna Maria who put up with him. She's devoted her life to keeping St. Michael's Hall safe from Harvard students and Uraguaians. Santa Anna Maria visited Seattle
when I was living there.  I met her at the Public Market and was very
impressed with her. Neither she nor I remember the event, but I'm sure it happened. In fact, I know it did, that's when she told me JL was Greek. I thought she meant like a frat boy, but no, she meant like a real live Greek
like person -- but only in a delusional way.  He was Italian, actually.
Probably Mafioso. He thought he was Greek because he always felt the need to go naked to the gymnasium. Got in a lot of embarrassing trouble for that -- and for a lot of other things we won't talk about now that he's crossed
the bar.  JL only had two real loves in his life Grice and the OED.  His
favorite pastime was posting very funny and original and informative posts
to Lit-Id.  He will be missed muchly.

Of course it's possible that he hasn't died at all, perhaps he's just had
the boom lowered on him.  If so, that's a shame -- not that he's still
alive, that's not a shame -- it could lead to shame, but it's not a shame in and of itself. What's a shame is that he's having his style cramped. When
he returned, the list suddenly came alive, wild and unpredictable and
hopelessly busy. Well, I guess if the boom has been lowered, we'll all be
able to catch up on our sleep.  So, JL, if you are dead, I'm really sorry
guy.  I thought I had some place to crash in La Plata when I do my South
American tour, too bad.  If you're not dead, but just being punished for
being so prolific and alive, well, don't loose faith, they'll all fall
asleep soon enough and those of us who enjoy the anarchy will have a picnic.

Mike Geary


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