[lit-ideas] Re: Possible ban on Fahrenheit 911 ads

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 11:05:28 EDT

Geary writes:
>The opinion is generated under the new McCain-
>Feingold campaign-finance law, which prohibits 
>corporate-funded ads that  dentify a federal candidate 
>before a primary or general election.

'Dentify'? -- R. Paul explains:
>To dentify is to add teeth, or to enhance 
>already existing teeth.

Aha. Notably, the OED does not yet seem to recognise the verb-form (which  
pre-exists in French) -- just the nouning, 'dentification':
     f. L. dens, dent-em, tooth + -fication. 
     The cognate verb would be  dentify. So in mod.F. (Littré.)
     Conversion into the substance  of a tooth, 
     formation of dentine. (Cf. ossification.) 
Quote: 1878 T. BRYANT Pract.  Surg. I. 564: "A change in form of the dental 
pulp prior to its  dentification."

Oddly,  if one applies, straightly, the signification provided by the OED, 
the  ban would be against an ad that 'converts [the federal candidate]  'into 
the substance of a tooth'  ['before a general election']. 
Yet another ban against witchcraft & superstitions, which, in my humble  
opinion, only help ignorant people in believing them. 

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