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Well, they are three. But in Norse mythology they are nine.
And, coincidentally
3 X 3 = 9 (mathematically)
The cosmology of Norse mythology has 'nine homeworlds', unified by the  
world tree Yggdrasill. Mapping the nine worlds escapes precision because the  
Poetic Edda often alludes vaguely, and the Prose Edda may be influenced by  
medieval Christian cosmology. The Norse creation myth tells how everything 
came  into existence in the gap between fire and ice, and how the gods shaped 
the  homeworld of humans.
Nine Worlds' Academia in Science Fiction and Fantasy  Conference

Nine Worlds' Science Fiction, Fantasy and Academia  Conference

London, 9th - 11th August. 

This conference will cover  a range of academic disciplines (whilst giving 
you the opportunity to enjoy  the Nine Worlds convention itself) and 
something for everyone -  including those of a philosophical or theological 

Talks  include:

Tolkien and Language
Edmund Weiner, Deputy Chief Editor of  the Oxford English Dictionary

Discussing Religion and Doctor Who
Dr  Andrew Crome, Lecturer in the History of Modern Christianity at 
Manchester  University

Thor: the God of New Technologies?
Dr Martin Arnold, Reader  in Old Northern Studies, University of Hull

The Design of Alien  Ecologies
Dr Jack Cohen, biologist and author

The Deterministic Monkey  Theorem or Chaos in L-Space
Professor Ian Stewart, mathematician and  author

Wicker Men, Straw Dogs and Fireflies: Celts and Others in 70s  Cinema and 
Professor Marion Gibson, Associate Professor of  Renaissance and Magical 
Literatures at University of Exeter


You can find abstracts posted on a regular basis on our blog,  

Tickets are £85 for the whole  weekend, and can be purchased here. These do 
not include accomodation, but  do include access to the entire convention - 
which includes tracks on Geek  Feminism, Video Game Culture and Game of 
Thrones, as well as guest such as  Chris Barrie, Rihanna Pratchett and 

For more information  on the convention, please see our website - 
https://nineworlds.co.uk/ and  for any questions about the academic 
conference, please email  sffacademic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We hope to see you  there!

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