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>"[Popper] is  capable of combining high  moral seriousness with impopper 
This is what we may refer, jocularly, as "popperly impopper". Note that  
"impopperly popper" quite does not ring the same bell.
Oddly, Grice once spent a whole semester, talking of 'popper', in trying to 
 elucidate the distinction between 'proper' and 'correct'.
He noted that while one can play cricket incorrectly, it would not make  
sense to say that one plays cricket improperly.
Grice (adapted):
"As far as I know" [implicature: how far is that?] the ruthless and  
unswerving associations of philosophy
with the study of ordinary [vs.  EXTRAordinary -- as Cicero uses the 
expression] language was peculiar
to the  Oxford scene, and has never been seen ANYWHERE BEFORE OR SINCE. A 
classic  miniature of
this kind of procedure common at the Play Group was [Grice's  colleague, J. 
L.] Austin's request to [later Vic-Chancelor at Oxford] Warnock to  tell 
him the difference between playing [cricket] correctly and playing  [cricket] 
properly" (implicature: if any).

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