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Ritchie wonders about 'apple-shaped', 'pear-shaped', etc:
>Isn't it odd there's so much soft fruit involved 
>here: pomegranate, kiwi, limey!  Among persons, 
>hardness is all, I suppose.

Right.  And then, there's 'tangerine'. 
Oddly, 'tangerine' originally meant 'a native of Tangier' -- and it's  only 
derivately used for the fruit. A case of reverse etymythology, or something  
like that (cf. 'argentine'). 
From the OED

[f. Tanger, Tangier + _-INE1_ 
ow=10&single=1&sort_type=alpha&xrefed=OED&xrefword=-ine&homonym_no=1) .]   
A. adj. Of or pertaining to, or native of Tangier, a seaport in  Morocco, on 
the Strait of Gibraltar. Tangerine orange, a small flattened deep-coloured  
variety of orange orig. from Tangier, Citrus nobilis var.  Tangeriana. 
1710 ADDISON Tatler No.  250 3  
An old Tangereen  Captain with a Wooden Leg.  
1841 TILLERY in Gard. Chron. 781  
The Tangerine  Orange.I beg to draw attention to the  cultivation of this as 
a fruit for the dessert.  
1882 Garden 18 Feb. 122/2 Two dishes  of Tangerine  Oranges.
B. n.  
1. A native of  Tangier. 

1860 All Year  Round No. 71. 491 Winterfield was sold to a  Tangarene.

2.  Now with lower-case initial.    a. A Tangerine orange: see  A. 

1842 Gard.  Chron. 6 The Tangerine I suspect to be only a  variety of it [the 
Mandarin Orange]. 1891 Daily  News 26 Dec. 5/4 There is an unusually good  
supply of tangerines. 1908 R. W. CHAMBERS Firing Line vi, Please  get me a few 
Please  gthose blood-tangerines up there.

b. A  deep orange colour; also attrib. and Comb., as tangerine-coloured  adj. 
1899 Daily  News 16 Sept. 7/3 Ruddy pink and tender amethyst,  tangerine, 
orange, mist-grey [etc.]. 1904 Ibid. 6 Oct. 8/4 Taking as the  colour key-note, 
the fashionable tangerine shade. 1977 M. KENYON Rapist iii. 31  Shovelling 
sugar into his tangerine-coloured tea.


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