[lit-ideas] Re: Poetry x 2 = Sabbatical

  • From: "Mike Geary" <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 09:34:24 -0500


Who was it that said something to the effect of: "Poets are just philosophers
who have never learned to write or live clearly."?

Dunno. But whoever it was, she knew nothing about poetry. Poetry is about as close as you can get to being the opposite of philosophy. I'd say rather that poets are just musicians who have never learned to play instruments and so play words.

And with that I'm outta here for a month or so to try and get some serious, serious, serious writing done of my comedy. Keep you fingers crossed for the the dumbass Democrats in a couple of weeks. Pray for rain in Baghdad and say anything interesting while I'm gone.

Mike Geary

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