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Snow is beautiful for the first 15 minutes that it falls.
After that, it is evil.
It becomes black and slushy from the driving, you have to scrape and de-ice  
the car, wade through it to the tarp-covered wood-pile to feed the  
woodstove....etc.  I hate winter.  New Zealand.  If I ever come  into money 
it's New 
Zealand for me.
Michael, my bro living in NY, adores snow and winter.  A wonder since  when 
HE went sledding he ran smack head-on into a tree, was taken to the  hospital, 
and hurt his back badly.  But then, he's a dare-devil.
Julie Krueger

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I lived in the depths of Carmarthenshire for five  childhood
years.  Snow every Christmas, sledding in the hills.  But  nothing
as daring as your hill rides.

I love snow too but these days  it can be a nuisance

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> Why I  love snow: I grew up in a house alongside a two-mile
> hill. It used to be  an important road but was closed in the
> 1940s when a modern road was  built elsewhere. In winter, the
> entire two-mile stretch would get  covered with ice and snow.
> When I was a kid, we'd take our sleds up to  the very top of
> the hill and fly down at ridiculous  speeds.
> Nearing the town below, we'd have to crash the sleds  into a
> snowbank or we'd cross traffic intersections. There were  two
> ways to crash: you could roll off the sled at the last
>  moment, the sled would hit the snowbank, and sometimes fly
> into the air;  or you could stay on the sled and hope your
> weight would keep the sled  level so it would penetrate the
> snowbank right, and the rider would fly  up into the air and
> land on the other side of the  snowbank.
> The beauty of sledding, the sharp turns in the road,  the
> crisp cold, the almost heroic ending of the ride -- these
>  stick in mind as some of the most exciting moments of my
>  childhood.
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