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I remember that too....and the surprise I get still when I can't sleep and  
turn on something and there's something there.  Yeah, she (step-daughter)  
slept to it.  My own girls were content with fans as white noise.  I  think at 
certain level people (kids growing up particularly) get so accustomed  to a 
decibel level during waking hours that they can't relax/sleep w/out  it.  Not 
exactly healthy, and not necessarily true -- just my theory.
Julie Krueger

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> Hey -- I keep saying.....
>  (before she moved out his adolescent daughter was even worse -- she had  to
> have it on all night....).

I can remember, honest, when TV  stations SIGNED OFF THE AIR around midnight,
certainly by 1:00 a.m. Maybe in  New York or Kansas City there were all night
stations, but not where I was. A  recorded Star Spangled Banner, some grainy
footage of WWII fighters in goose  formation, then snow and white noise. Maybe
your daughter was comforted by  the white noise. Even in her sleep. She did

Robert  Paul

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