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Sounds to me like your answer is saying that poets don't have any more 
understanding into themselves than anybody else.  I agree.  I like poetry, but 
I don't read it much.  I do not write poetry at all.  I wrote a limerick once.  
It took about two weeks.  Personally, I like lyrics .  I'm not sure why I like 
lyrics, except for the obvious reason that they're accompanied by music.  I 
can't even think of a poet that I like.  T.S. Eliot I like.  The confessional 
poets.  I don't like the Beats (talk about drugs and alcohol).  Emily 
Dickinson, but I never could see what's so great about Walt Whitman.  I heard a 
discussion once years ago on the radio as to whether or not an artist 
(musician, poet, whoever) had to suffer to get great art.  The guy running the 
show thought that suffering was not necessary for great art.  I'm not sure.  
Probably depends on the type of poetry.  William Blake certainly was connected 
to the hurt in the world; Wordsworth much less so, or in a much more int
 ellectual way if he was.  

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Do you write poetry?  Post some and we?ll speculate.

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What does greater understanding of ourselves mean, and which poet particularly 
has it?  Which writer for that matter?  John Berryman, Ernest Hemingway, F.S. 
Fitzgerald?  T.S. Eliot?  Byron?  

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And to what extent does poietic power relate to the writing of poetry?  I 
suspect Taylor would say that insofar as our poetry gives us greater 
understanding of our selves, we may suspect that it may not be merely 
descriptive but poietic as well.


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