[lit-ideas] Philosophy of Mathematics -- Oxford Style

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"The Hilbert's program is purely philosophy (nobody in mathematics  gives
nearly a fart about foundations.)"
I liked that. I suppose that leaves room for philosophers' talking.

I see if I can find out something about philosophy of mathematics --  
foundations -- Oxford style.
Turing I like. I don't understand what you mean by "KG". He was Indian-born  
and of course committed suicide. His life filmed with Derek Jacobi, and his 
Life  written by Wilfred Hodges, a fellow of Wolfson (_not_ the Hodges of 
_Logic_  Penguin, although Hodges Junior tells me he is often asked if there's 
He broke the code, Turing, hence the title of Hodges's best-selling bio --  
and yes, he was gay. They must have met with Wittgenstein (or "Witters" as  
Austin called him) in Manchester, were both were students of engeneering, I  

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