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  • From: Donal McEvoy <donalmcevoyuk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 18:59:27 +0100 (BST)

Some comments on this much appreciated post..

 --- Paul Stone <pas@xxxxxxxx> wrote: 
> >Donal
> >Expecting to be passed over in silence
> >Again
> Here are some philosophical questions that were directly inspired by your 
> last post -- really, they were:
> 1) In Pauperian terms...  which motto is more apt "Plus ca change, plus 
> c'est la meme chose" or "panta rei"? 

I don't know what "panta rei" means. Sorry.

>You cannot take the easy way out and 
> say "It depends on the situation".

Well, you may say this - but - may I say - I'm bloody tempted.
> 2) Did Grice invent HP sauce? (ambiguity warning) Or did he just imply it?

Well, HP comes (I believe) from Houses of Parliament, and Grice did not
invent this term or (except in an _unconscionably_ wide sense) *imply* it
(cf. does the acceptance of false and even contradictory theories as
*existing* in Popper's World 3 mean this _world_ is, itself, false or
contradictory? because this is *implied* by the acceptance into W3 of such
false or contradictory theories?).

> 3) What kind of a sentence is "mourning the passing while passing the 
> morning", and, what does it REALLY mean?

In short:- fuck knows.

> 4) Is Peter Strawson related to Nadine "crazy eyes" Strossen?

Yes, apparently we are all descended from 'Eve' who lived in Africa a fick of
a long time ago. Lucky bitch. (Mother Earth, pov).

> 5) In spite of what Edmonds and Eidinow say, in Oct of '46, did Russell 
> actually turn green and split his suit open when Ludwig called him "Bertie"
> in a voice that questioned his virility?

Trick question. How could W question R's "virility"? Didn't Malcolm show how
W could never have had sex? The recipient would have gone up in smoke. Pure
and simple.

> 6) In Keats "Odious Gricean Earn" what effect did  "Money is life, more 
> money -- that is all" have in terms of the US's national identity (whoops, 
> that's for the other list -- strike it)

Yes. Strike it. You bitch.

> 7) Why does Wales have such godawfully long town names? Followup: who can 
> mouth "Blaenau Ffestiniog" without thinking of slate?

Complex. Worth another thread. Get JE.

> 8) Is there REALLY a mutton college? If so, how do I sign up for the 
> skinny-dipping course?

Bitch. Er...sorry. Carried away there. How about - *queue*?

> 9) Immanual Kant. Which imperative is that?

It depends. A lot. (Sorry, this is not the best...).

> 10) If your name is NOT M. Geary, is it possible to use the word 
> "eschatological" in a [purported] poem efffectively? (yes, I know, it has 3
> 'f's)

So? What the f?

> 11) Is the following sentence (from Richard Dawkins' "Selfish Gene") "For 
> instance, robins defend territories against other robins, but not against 
> great tits." innately funny? or learnedly so? Is it a cultural thing or 
> does it require ignorance of Lockeian proportions?


> 12) Did Elvis mean anything ELSE when he said "thank you.... uh... thank 
> you very much"

Yes. We always mean something else.
> 13) There is NO question 13.

Wrong. Ok, maybe right. That wasn't a question, that statement above?

If so, I ask (Qn.13) "Why not?". If this is valid, then there _is_ a question


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