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<<From today's Writer's Almanac. >>
I get the Writer's Almanac -- but I only get a daily poem.  How do you  get 
this stuff??
<< so Dick wound up on welfare in a seedy California  neighborhood. He began 
to suffer from paranoid delusions, believing the FBI and  the CIA were keeping 
tabs on him.>>
Do we know they weren't?

<<Someone broke into Dick's house and  destroyed his papers. He found the 
incident strangely comforting, and wrote in  his diary, "At least I'm not 
I know the feeling
<<But even though he thought it was the most important experience of  his 
life, he also constantly wondered if it had been real, or just some weird  drug 
flashback, or a stroke.>>
Faith is nothing without doubt..... just ask Thomas.

<<He  wrote, "They ought to make it a binding clause that if you find God you 
get to  keep him...>>
amen and amen

<<Philip K. Dick said, "Insanity is sometimes an appropriate  response to 
preach it, brother

<<And, "There is no cure for birth and  death save to enjoy the interval.">>
This one I will remember and quote often.
Julie Krueger

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