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Wow, you are right about the photos.  Thanks.  Yeah that is one of my
favorites also.  Their horizon seems unlimited.  
I am starting to get more interested in photography again and might slack
off on my Radical Islam ministrations.  Sorry. (Just Kidding!)
I enjoyed your "Beatles Philosophy" -- parts of it.  As much as anything I
enjoyed reading their lyrics.  I didn't recognize all of them.  
But where is "Hey Jude"?     "Na na na na na, na na na" -- McCartney and
Lennon endorse Chomsky's Anarchism.
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I found some of these pretty funny, some I didn't have a clue about.  Maybe
you guys and gals will get a chuckle or two if you've not already seen them
-- "Beatles Philosophy"

Mike Geary

PS.  Great pics, Lawrence.  I discovered that if I clicked on them they
filled my screen -- about 11" x  9".  I especially like the one with the two
dogs walking down the road or dry creek bed and the ominous dark clouds
beckoning them on. 

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